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The Inquisitorious, referred to as the Imperial Inquisitors or Inquisitorius, is an organization in the Star Wars universe known for its dark and foreboding presence. Led by Darth Vader himself, following the orders of Emperor Palpatine, it was established in canonical timelines after The Clone Wars, during the rise of the Galactic Empire. Its primary role was to seek out and eliminate any surviving Jedi and other force-sensitive individuals who could pose a threat to the new Empire.

The Inquisitorious was made up of former Jedi who had turned to the dark side of The Force. Once they defected, they were trained in the dark arts by Darth Vader, who was also a transformed Jedi. Their training was not as profound as traditional Sith training, as the Emperor did not want to risk forming potential rivals. As a result, the Inquisitors were given only as much knowledge and power as necessary to hunt down and destroy the remaining Jedi and other potential threats to the empire.

Individuals serving as Inquisitors were generally known by their rank and a numeric denomination, such as the Grand Inquisitor or the Seventh Sister. However, not all details about their ranking system are clear. It does not follow a linear pattern, and higher numbers do not necessarily signify a superior rank. There was an implication of competitiveness between them, as they were encouraged to outdo each other in their assignments which sometimes ended up causing internal conflicts.

The Inquisitorious were known for fighting with specially designed double-bladed lightsabers. These lightsabers had a rotating circular blade and could be used as a whirling weapon or thrown at enemies. They also possessed unique skills such as mind reading and torture techniques, which helped them extract information and break their victims' willpower.

In terms of appearance, the Inquisitors carried a unique sinister aesthetic. They typically wore stark black or grey uniforms with intimidating helmets that concealed their identities. Their overall look reflected the oppressive and ruthless nature of the Empire they served. Your introduction to any member of the Inquisitorious, with their crimson lightsabers and menacing armor, was undoubtedly an ominous sign.

While the Inquisitors proved to be a significant threat to the Rebel Alliance and surviving Jedi, their existence was ultimately temporary. By the time of the original Star Wars trilogy, the Inquisitorious had effectively disappeared, mainly due to the dwindling number of Jedi to seek out. Additionally, several key Inquisitors met their end at the hands of the very Jedi they were tasked to hunt, such as the Grand Inquisitor who perished battling Jedi Kanan Jarrus.

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