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Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor, whose real name has never been revealed in the Star Wars canon, is a central antagonist in the Star Wars: Rebels animated television series. Formerly a Jedi Knight, the Grand Inquisitor fell to the dark side of The Force following the purge activated by Order 66. He serves under Darth Vader's command and his primary role is to hunt down the remaining Jedi and any new force-sensitive individuals to either turn them into dark side users or eliminate them.

He is a Pau'an, a species recognized by unnaturally long lifespans and high intellectual skills, from the planet Utapau. The Grand Inquisitor is a skilled lightsaber duelist and adept in dark-side applications of The Force, such as mind-probing and telekinesis. His primary weapon is a double-bladed lightsaber, with circular blades that can spin rapidly during combat, providing him with an extremely offensive and intimidating fighting style. Despite his powers and expertise, he eventually meets his end against the Jedi survivor Kanan Jarrus.

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