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World Between Worlds


The World Between Worlds, known in the realm of Star Wars, is an extra-dimensional space that exists outside of time and space. Introduced in Star Wars Rebels, its significance and operation are shrouded in mythos and mystique. The World Between Worlds is defined by its pathways that connect all time and space in the Star Wars universe. It offers those who enter it the ability to change the reality of the timeline, underscoring its immense power.

The concept of the World Between Worlds was introduced in the Star Wars Rebels' fourth season. During an episode titled "A World Between Worlds," the protagonist, Ezra Bridger, accesses the named space through an ancient painting of The Force-wielder goddess named the Daughter. This other-dimensional realm is depicted as an endless expanse of pathways floating amidst a void of stars and galaxies.

The World Between Worlds does not merely provide the observer an intriguing view, but it also includes doors and portals leading to different moments in time. In essence, these paths represent a physical manifestation of the Force as it binds the galaxy together. The containment of such immense power within a location allowed Ezra to significantly alter the past and save Ahsoka Tano from her fatal duel against Darth Vader.

The initial depiction of this realm implied its creation by the Force-wielders. They're powerful entities known to embody different aspects of The Force, i.e., the Father represents balance, the Daughter represents the Light Side, and the Son the Dark Side. The gateway into this dimension often includes symbols of these Force-wielders, suggesting their role in its existence.

Access to the World Between Worlds is typically through ancient Jedi Temples or other places strong with the force. The portals are usually sealed and require exertion through the Force or comprehension of mystical pictograms to open them.

The World Between Worlds is a multifaceted concept in the Star Wars Universe that presents an elevated understanding of The Force. It constitutes an extra-dimensional space beyond the conventional limits of time and space, connecting different timeframes through trans-dimensional doorways. While it tremendously diversifies the Star Wars narrative, it also introduces complexities with its potential for timeline alterations.

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