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The Gwurran were a species of frog-like beings from the forest moon of Endor. They lived in a village named Heart Tree Village and were short in stature with large, bulbous eyes, webbed feet and long, prehensile tongues. Some of their unique characteristics included their ability to communicate sonically using their vocal sacs, which also acted as flotation aids, and their ability to change colors based on their mood.

Despite their primitive lifestyle, Gwurran possessed a deep understanding of their planet's ecosystem, understanding the importance of the Heart Trees in Endor's environment. They were peace-loving beings, respecting life in all its forms and using their simple technology to live harmoniously with the planet's flora and fauna. However, they maintained a deep mistrust for strangers, going into hiding during the Galactic Empire's presence on Endor during the events of Return of the Jedi.

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