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The Hoojibs are a fictional species of telepathic, rabbit-like creatures existing in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Introduced in the classic Marvel Star Wars comic run, these creatures are native to the planet Arbra. Hoojibs are characterized by their small size, long ears, and large eyes. They are primarily energy eaters, subsisting off natural resources like geothermal strata and various mineral-rich rocks.

These creatures are known for their non-aggressive, peaceful nature, and unique ability to communicate telepathically. The Hoojibs, led by a Hoojib named Plif, played a significant role in the Rebels' fight against the Galactic Empire, even allowing the Rebel Alliance to establish a secret base on their homeworld. The Hoojibs are described as integral to the Expanded Universe, illustrating the diversity of creatures and beings that exist beyond the main Star Wars narrative.

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