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The Ferroans, native to the planet Zonama Sekot, initially featured in the Star Wars Legends expanse, were an offshoot of the human species. They were discovered around 552 BBY when a group of human space-farers crashed onto an unknown yet sentient world, situated somewhere in the Unknown Regions. With a particular interest in the planet's unusual ecosystem, they decided to stay on, thereby leading to the birth of the Ferroan society. Over time, their bodies adapted to the life on Zonama, resulting in indigo eyes and the ability to communicate with the planet's transforming ecosystem, a trait absent in regular humans.

Ferroans were dedicated believers in the Potentium, an alternate perspective on The Force, and refrained from high-tech technologies, preferring to live a simple life. Their connection to the planet entailed that they were also capable of building organic starships, known as Sekotan starships, which were faster than any other type present in the galaxy at that time. However, their peaceful existence was frequently thwarted by the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, both of which were relentlessly after Zonama's unique resources and the Ferroans' ability to craft living starships.

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