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The Feeorin are an alien species in the Star Wars universe, first depicted in the comic books. Physically, they are a large, powerfully built species native to the outer rim planet of Odryn. Standing higher than most humans, Feeorin are characterized by their thick, tough skin in varying colors of blue or green, and they are distinguished by the distinctive horns that grow on their heads. Notably, they have an interesting aging process. Feeorin become stronger as they age and only a few are known to die from old age.

The Feeorin have an unique societal structure, based around a strong hierarchy and tribalism. Their society is organized into clan-like structures, and the strongest Feeorin, known as the "Nallastia", leads them. They are largely spared Imperial entanglement due to their planet's remote location and lack of valuable resources. The most famous Feeorin in the Star Wars universe is probably Nym, a pirate and anti-Trade Federation resistance fighter featured in the Star Wars: Jedi starfighter video game and related comics.

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