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The Echani is a species in the Star Wars universe, known for their martial prowess and deep understanding of combat. They were human-like in appearance, although distinct enough to be recognized as Echani. They have pale skin, striking silver hair, and bright silver eyes, traits that are remarkably uniform across the species. The Echani species is known for their unique ability to read emotions and anticipate opponents' moves in combat, which they attribute to a refined kinetic communication.

The Echani culture is centered around physical combat. They view sparring as a form of communication, equivalent to a conversation. Each battle is a unique dialogue between the fighters. In fact, the Echani can learn more about a person from a fight than a conversation. Moreover, the Echani often use combat as a form of courtship ritual, where Echani who are attracted to each other would spar. An Echani saying even states that battles are just another type of debate. Their homeworld, Eshan, was rarely visited by outsiders, and the Echani preferred to keep their traditions a secret from the rest of the galaxy.

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