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The Esh-kha, also known as "the Ancient Brethren," is a fiercely territorial, elder species in the Star Wars universe. Initially from the Unknown Regions of space, Esh-kha are known for their fierce traits and were introduced in the Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Hutt Cartel video game. Their social structure is built on respect for individual strength and combat prowess, and thus they often challenge each other to duels with clear rules of engagement.

In terms of physical attributes, the Esh-kha are tall, muscular beings with greyed-out, pallid skin. They possess eyes that glow brightly with an inner blue light and elongated skulls. They are biologically aggressive, which has shaped their culture and relations with other species. The Esh-kha were once an all-pervading threat, spreading their colonies across the stars and attempting to exterminate any intelligent life they encountered. Their rampaging expansion finally came to a pause when they faced the Rakata and the Infinite Empire, a conflict which resulted in their imprisonment on the planet Belsavis.

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