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The Coway are a humanoid species from the Star Wars universe known for their rugged physical attributes and tribal societal structure. Originating from the planet Af'El, they are tough, long-lived, and can easily adapt to harsh environments. Coway have an average height of 1.5 meters, are covered in fur, and have two protruding spines that run down their back. They have superior senses compared to most humanoid species, which make them excellent hunters and fighters. Additionally, they have a communal culture where decision-making is primarily collective in nature.

Although technologically primitive, the Coway are known for their intricate designs and ingenious craftsmanship displayed through their weapons and armors. They use these to defend their territory from both intruders and fauna on Af'El. They possess the ability to spit Venom, an unusual characteristic that is often employed in their defensive tactics. While they tend to be distrustful and superstitious about outsiders, there are accounts indicating that under certain circumstances, Coway have been seen cohabiting with other species, including humans.

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