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The Neti is a unique species from the Star Wars universe that originate from the planet Myrkr. Their primary distinguishing feature is their plant-like physiology, causing them to appear as a blend between humanoid and tree forms. Neti can live for thousands of years, possess shapeshifting abilities, and have the capacity to extend their consciousness into their surrounding vegetation. Their roots and branches provide them the flexibility and strength, while the chlorophyll in their bodies gives them the ability to survive without conventional food. Rooting themselves for a long period of time allows them to grow into tree-like beings.

Netis are known to be among rare species that are sensitive to The Force. This sensitivity, coupled with their long lifespans, has produced some remarkable Jedi among them. The most notable among these is Jedi Master Ood Bnar, who lived during the time of the Galactic Republic. Aside from their presence in the Republic, the Neti led secluded lives, with many details about their culture and society remaining largely unknown. Their unique living conditions and nature-oriented lifestyle marked them as one of the most extraordinary species in the Star Wars universe.

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