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The Tarasin are an alien species in the Star Wars universe. They originate from the planet Cularin, situated in the Cularin system, which is located within the Expansion Region of the galaxy. They are depicted as being roughly human-sized and reptilian in nature, having greenish-brown skin and scales. The Tarasin are also depicted as having small horns that grow near their ears, appearing more prominent in males than in females. They have two distinct sets of eyelids which help them see in varying light conditions.

One of the most pronounced features about Tarasin culture is their inherent strong connection to The Force; however, their interpretation of it is slightly different from the Jedi or Sith. Rather than viewing it as an entity, they perceive The Force as 'lifeweb' or a connection and interplay between all living things. This way, they are inherently attuned to the balance of life in their surroundings, excelling at detecting disturbances at a very early stage.

The Tarasin have a matriarchal society. They live in small, intimate communities known as 'hilias', led by wise women. A Hilia is often composed of multiple nuclear families with a cooperative system of sharing tasks and resources. At the same time, a collection of these hilias forms a larger Community entity known as a 'lishari'. Lisharis are usually spread across an area and connected through a network of foot trails.

The Tarasin have a well-developed language, deeply figurative and in tune with their perception of the Force and their organic surroundings. However, they are also proficient in Basic, the common language used in the Star Wars universe. This knowledge helps in facilitating interactions and trade with off-worlders.

The Tarasin have a positive relationship with technology, despite their deep spiritual connection with the Force and nature. They readily make use of repulsorlift vehicles and other complex devices within their day-to-day life. Still, an interesting point is that they lack a writing system. Instead, they make use of a system of knot tying, known as 'Lifeknot' that holds religious and cultural significance, as a form of communication.

As a species, the Tarasin possess a peaceful disposition, preferring diplomatic solutions and conflict-avoidance strategies as opposed to direct confrontation. However, they are also capable of robust defense if provoked, which is boosted by their inherent connection to the Force.

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