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The "Chubbray" is a term not found in the canonical Star Wars universe as established by Lucasfilm. It appears that "Chubbray" might be a misspelling or misunderstanding of another term, "Chubba," which are small jellyfish-like creatures seen in the "Young Jedi Knights" series and other non-canonical (Legends) sources. Chubbas are often used for food and are found in swampy environments on planets such as Dagobah.

Another reference might be to "Chub's Cantina," a popular yet non-canonical fan creation featured in various fan fictions and fan films related to the Star Wars universe. These fan-made contents enrich the Community with creative interpretations and new lore, although they do not hold an official place in Star Wars canon. Canon or Legends status can greatly affect the validity and acceptance within the larger Star Wars Community, making it essential to distinguish between the two.

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