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The Wuta are a relatively obscure species within the Star Wars expanded universe. This amphibious species is native to the planet Gandle Ott, located in the Kathol sector. Distinguished by their bulbous eyes, finned limbs, and mottled green skin, the Wuta are adept swimmers and are most comfortable within their natural aquatic environments. Historically, they have lived in close-knit communities, thriving in the coastal areas where fresh and saltwater meet. Their society places a significant emphasis on oral traditions, with stories and histories communicated through elaborate song and dance rituals.

The Wuta had limited interaction with the galaxy at large until the Galactic Empire's expansion into the Outer Rim territories. The Imperial presence posed a threat to their way of life, leading to some friction and resistance. Despite these challenges, the Wuta have managed to preserve their cultural identity and practices through periods of both tranquility and Turmoil. While they remain a lesser-known species within the broader Star Wars narrative, their rich cultural heritage and resilience highlight the diverse tapestry of life forms populating the galaxy far, far away.

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