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The Aqualish are a species of sentient beings from the Star Wars universe, originating from the planet Ando. Known for their aggressive and unruly behavior, the Aqualish have often been considered a menace by other species. They are recognizable by their walrus-like appearance with thick, shaggy fur, and long, sharp tusks protruding from their lower Jaws.

These bipedal beings come in three separate subspecies based largely on the diversity of their eye number and placement. Some have two eyes on the front of their head, others have eyes placed on the sides, and the third subspecies are born with four eyes. Their complex language, Aqualish, is a combination of their own unique speech and sign language, and most have been able to adequately understand Basic.

Aqualish society is clan-based, with leaders chosen not for their knowledge or diplomacy skills, but their physical strength and hunting prowess. Trade and hunting, particularly underwater hunting, play a significant role in their culture. Many Aqualish found offworld are often involved in smuggling rings, piracy operations, or mercenary work due to their reputation for violence.

The Aqualish have been represented in multiple Star Wars media. They first appeared in the original Star Wars film (Episode IV: A New Hope), with a character named Ponda Baba, an Aqualish thug who had a brief but memorable encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Since then, various Aqualish characters have made appearances in series such as The Clone Wars and various Star Wars Video Games.

Despite their reputation, the Aqualish are not all bad. Like most species, they are diverse, and while many lust for violence, others strive for peace and better understanding between species. Exploring these complexities is part of the appeal of this unique Star Wars species.

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