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Acolytes of the Beyond


The Acolytes of the Beyond are a mysterious group from "Star Wars". They emerge in the aftermath of Emperor Palpatine’s death and are first introduced in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath Trilogy, a collection of Star Wars novels set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. The Acolytes of the Beyond are a religious cult-like organization, fanatically dedicated to the Dark Side of the Force and deeply devoted to the memory of deceased Sith Lords.

The Acolytes of the Beyond worship the Sith and their belief in the Dark Side. They worship Sith relics, artifacts, and in essence, the Sith themselves. They believe that relics such as lightsabers shouldn't remain in the physical world after their owners' deaths, but instead should be returned to their owners in the beyond. One of their key objectives is to locate and collect Sith artifacts, particularly Sith lightsabers, and then destroy them to "release" them to their Sith owners in the afterlife.

Their devotion to the Sith makes them sworn enemies of the Jedi and anyone else who’s connected with the Light Side of the Force. Despite not having the Force sensitivity, their fanaticism for the Dark Side has pushed some to gain a rudimentary connection to the Force. This group contains a mixture of different species across the galaxy with varied backgrounds. However, they share one thing in common: an unwavering loyalty to the Sith.

Among the most notable Acolytes include Remi and Kiza. Remi was a young human male who was trained to become a personal bodyguard. Kiza was a human female who was the daughter of a Nightsister from Dathomir. She was adept in dark side magics and was born slightly strong in the Force. It was Kiza who eventually rose through ranks and became one of the leaders of the Acolytes.

The Acolytes of the Beyond played a significant role during the civil war known as the Galactic Concordance, which marked the end of the Empire. Gravely misinterpreting a vision of the deceased Emperor Palpatine, the Acolytes started an uprising against the New Republic on the Outer Rim planet of Devaron. However, they met a fierce opposition by the local population and were eventually defeated.

the Acolytes of the Beyond are a fascinating element of the Star Wars universe that demonstrates the far-reaching influence and long-lasting legacy of the Sith. Despite their relative obscurity, their fervent devotion to the Dark Side and the chaos and destruction they wrought underscores the enduring threat of the Dark Side of the Force, even after the fall of the Sith.

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