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Sith artifacts, also known as Sith relics or Sith objects, form an integral part of the Star Wars universe. They are the remains of the ancient Sith civilization that once flourished during The Old Republic era. These objects have become highly valuable and sought after, not just by treasure hunters and archeologists, but also by individuals seeking to wield the power of the Dark Side of The Force. Chief among these artifacts are holocrons, lightsabers, temples, and various other objects that have been imbued with Sith knowledge and power.

Sith holocrons are of prime importance owing to their role as sources of Sith teachings and lore. They are pyramid-shaped devices that store vast quantities of information and can only be accessed by those trained in the ways of the Dark Side. Often this knowledge is personally guided by the consciousness or 'gatekeeper' of a Sith Lord whose teachings are recorded within. The holocrons are highly valued by the Sith for maintaining their wisdom and passing it onto future generations.

Sith lightsabers, another key type of artifact, are weapons that were wielded by the Sith themselves. With the rare and powerful Kyber Crystals at their heart, typically manifesting with red blades, these lightsabers serve as a physical manifestation of Sith power. Often, they are discovered in tombs or other remnants of Sith civilization, and can become powerful tools or symbols for those in the present who seek to harness their energy.

The Sith Temples and the Sith Wayfinder are other key artifacts. Sith Temples serve as repositories of the Dark Side, often build on nexus points of dark force energy. The Sith Wayfinder, introduced in 'The Rise of Skywalker', is a type of holocron that provides navigational data to Exegol, the hidden world of the Sith. Its importance comes from aiding the return of Emperor Palpatine.

Lastly, Sith masks and statues are unique artifacts imbued with the Dark Side. They often possess dark powers themselves or act as a conduit to strengthen the user's connection to the Dark Side. An example includes Darth Vader's mask, which Kylo Ren used to communicate with his grandfather.

Sith artifacts are a powerful and dangerous legacy of the Sith Order. The knowledge they contain and the powers they bestow represent an inextricable connection to the enduring influence of the Dark Side in the Star Wars universe and play pivotal roles in the storylines and character development of many characters.

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