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Aftermath Trilogy


The Aftermath Trilogy is a series of novels set in the Star Wars universe, written by Chuck Wendig. These books bridge the gap between "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens", focusing on both familiar and new characters as they navigate the fallout of the Galactic Empire's defeat. The trilogy consists of the books "Aftermath", "Aftermath: Life Debt", and "Aftermath: Empire's End".

"Aftermath", the first book of the trilogy, takes place immediately following the Battle of Endor. The story centers around Wedge Antilles, a minor character from the original Star Wars trilogy, along with a band of New Republic heroes trying to take down what remains of the Empire. Meanwhile, we also get to see how the Empire struggles to maintain its grip over the galaxy despite the death of the Emperor.

Continuing the trilogy, the second book "Aftermath: Life Debt" brings a new aspect to this transitional phase. Here, Wendig introduces Han Solo and Chewbacca into the mix as they lead a mission to liberate the Wookie home planet of Kashyyyk from the remnants of the Empire. At the same time, there's a larger focus on the mysterious Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax and his plan to control the remains of the Empire.

The trilogy concludes with "Aftermath: Empire’s End". This final installment sees the New Republic clashing with what remains of the Empire on the desert planet of Jakku. The book features the final showdown between Gallius Rax and the Empire, presenting an engaging culmination of the Operation Cinder subplot. The stakes are high as secret plans and alliances are revealed, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance.

In addition to these primary narrative threads, the trilogy is interspersed with 'interludes' that peek into corners of the Star Wars galaxy to highlight how diverse groups of people, on different planets, are responding to the Empire’s downfall. Through this narrative style, Wendig is able to provide readers with a wider perspective of how the events in the original trilogy impacted the Star Wars universe.

the Aftermath Trilogy provides a detailed and compelling exploration of the turbulent period in the Star Wars timeline following the defeat of the Empire. It tells a fascinating story of political maneuvering, personal growth and sweeping battles, all told with Wendig's dynamic and engaging storytelling style.

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