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Admiral Ackbar, a member of the amphibious Mon Calamari species, is a major character in the Star Wars universe. Known for his tactical genius and leadership abilities, Ackbar played a fundamental role in defeating the evil Galactic Empire during the Original Trilogy of the Star Wars films. He is particularly well-known for his role in orchestrating the Rebel Alliance's victory during the Battle of Endor, which led to the destruction of the second Death Star and the fall of Emperor Palpatine.

Before joining the Rebels, Ackbar was a slave to Grand Moff Tarkin, who was responsible for the destruction of Alderaan. He ultimately managed to escape this life of servitude and align himself with the Rebel Alliance, earning the rank of Admiral in recognition of his strategic prowess. Under his command, the Alliance saw numerous victories against the Empire, solidifying his status as an indispensable member of the Rebellion.

Ackbar's most iconic moment came during the Battle of Endor, in the movie "Return of the Jedi." Upon realizing that the Empire had managed to lure the Rebel fleet into a trap, Ackbar famously shouted, "It's a trap!" Despite this initial disadvantage, Ackbar managed to regroup his forces and ultimately led them to victory. His battle cry has since become an enduring meme and quoting this line is often used as a humorous warning for potential deception or a trap.

Following the Emperor's fall, the Galactic Civil War ended, and the New Republic was established. However, the remnants of the Empire reformed into the First Order, prompting the aging Ackbar to come out of retirement and help to lead the newly-formed Resistance. Under General Leia Organa, Ackbar acted as a consultant and advisor, aiding the Resistance in their ongoing battles against the ruthless First Order.

In the movie "The Last Jedi," Ackbar met his end during a furious battle with the First Order. While the Resistance managed to escape, their leadership was decimated, and the legendary admiral was among the casualties. Although he didn't have a dramatic on-screen death, his passing was certainly felt, signaling the end of a significant era for the Star Wars universe.

While not a central character, Admiral Ackbar and his tactical genius have left an indelible mark on the Star Wars universe. His determination and leadership have made him an enduring fan favorite, with many people often citing his brief but memorable appearances as some of the most memorable Star Wars moments. From his iconic "It's a trap!" line to his integral role in defeating the Galactic Empire, Admiral Ackbar has ensured his place in the pantheon of beloved Star Wars characters.

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