Name Summary
Arc Pulse GeneratorThe Arc Pulse Generator, also known as Death Star superlaser, is a devastating weapon in Star Wars.
Balaans"Balrogs are unrelated to Star Wars; they are powerful creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth."
BeskarBeskar is a rare and resilient metal used by Mandalorians in Star Wars.
Carbonite ChamberThe Carbonite Chamber is where Han Solo was frozen in "The Empire Strikes Back."
Carbonite SlabIn Star Wars, carbonite slabs are used to freeze and transport individuals, notably Han Solo.
Clouzon-36Clouzon-36 is a fictional rare gas mentioned in the Star Wars universe, primarily known for its usage as a critical component in hyperdrive engines.
Coaxium (Hyperfuel)Coaxium, a powerful hyperspace fuel, powers starships and was pivotal in "Solo: A Star Wars Story."
DejarikDejarik is a holographic board game featured in the Star Wars universe.
HolonetThe Holonet is the primary galactic communications network in the Star Wars universe.
HypermatterHypermatter is a high-energy substance used as fuel in Star Wars spacecrafts.
Hyperspace JumpHyperspace jumps enable faster-than-light travel, crucial for interstellar journeys in the Star Wars universe.
Ion DrivesIon drives are a propulsion technology used in various spacecraft to generate thrust by accelerating ionized particles.
Katarn Class Commando ArmorKatarn Class Commando Armor is worn by Clone Commandos in the "Star Wars" universe.
Mag-Pulse WarheadsMag-Pulse Warheads are specialized anti-shield missiles featured in the Star Wars: X-Wing series.
Moisture FarmingMoisture farming, primarily on Tatooine, provides essential water in Star Wars' arid environments.
Path EnginesPath Engines are a tech used to navigate around obstacles in space such as planets, starts, etc
Phase I Clone ArmorPhase I Clone Armor is the initial gear worn by clones in Star Wars' prequel trilogy.
Phase Ii Clone ArmorPhase II Clone Armor is the advanced combat gear worn by clone troopers in "Star Wars."
Phylanx Redux TransmitterA Medical Droid who became an pawn in Fyzen Gor' plot to kill crime syndicate leaders in the book Last Shot
PodracingPodracing is a high-speed, dangerous sport first introduced in Star Wars Episode I.
Republic CreditsRepublic credits are the main currency in the Star Wars Galactic Republic era.
Tractor BeamIn Star Wars, tractor beams are used to control and capture spaceships.