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Phylanx Redux Transmitter


The Phylanx Redux Transmitter is a forbidden communications device component found in the Star Wars universe. This advanced technology was primarily referenced in Star Wars Extended Universe literature, particularly noticeable in the novel titled "Star Wars: Aftermath", written by Chuck Wendig. The transmitter is manufactured by the Imperial Department of Military Research and played a significant role during the New Republic Era.

Earlier, the Phylanx Redux Transmitter was related with encrypted long-range communications. Alternatively, it was used by the Imperial combat drivers to put coordinates into the navigational systems of AT-ATs. Its main purpose was to carry encrypted Imperial transmissions across long distances, especially during periods of conflict or war.

The device's name leads to an understanding of its functionality. "Phylanx", a deviation from the Greek word meaning ‘guard’ or ‘defender’, points towards the Transmitter's role as a guarded communicator, transferring sensitive information. "Redux", on the other hand, suggests a return or a revival, which might refer to the possibility of the device being a redeveloped version of an older model.

Imperial defector Ralsius Paldora mentioned in Star Wars Battlefront II that the blueprints for the Phylanx Redux Transmitter were sold to the highest bidder in one of many black markets, which shows the high value placed on this piece of technology.

In a broader context, the Phylanx Redux Transmitter serves as an example of the advanced technologies created by the Empire. These innovations, though often intended for military domination over the galaxy, underpin the development of key tech in the Star Wars universe. However, their misuse and potential catastrophic side effects are reminders of the ethical costs tied with technological progression.

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