Name Summary
Blizzard ForceBlizzard Force is an elite Imperial unit commanded by General Veers during the Battle of Hoth.
Blue SquadronBlue Squadron is a starfighter squadron in the Rebel Alliance within Star Wars.
Bureau of Ships and ServicesThe Bureau of Ships and Services manages starship registration and logistics within the Star Wars galaxy.
Delta SquadDelta Squad is an elite Republic commando unit featured in Star Wars: Republic Commando.
Emperor's Royal GuardThe Emperor's Royal Guard are elite protectors of Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars universe.
EmpireThe Empire is a central antagonist in the Star Wars franchise, serving as the authoritarian government opposing the Rebel Alliance and ruling over the galaxy.
Imperial AcademyImperial Academy is a training institution for aspiring Imperial officers in the Star Wars universe.
Imperial Shadow CouncilThe Imperial Shadow Council is a secretive group within the Star Wars universe.
New Republic Defense FleetThe New Republic Defense Fleet is the primary military force in Star Wars post-Empire.
Republic ArmyIn Star Wars, the Republic Army fights the Separatists during the Clone Wars era.
Rogue SquadronRogue Squadron is a renowned elite starfighter unit in the Star Wars universe.
Separatist Droid ArmySeparatist Droid Army is a faction of mechanized soldiers allied with the Separatists in Star Wars.
Sith Eternal FleetThe Sith Eternal Fleet is a massive armada from "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."
Starlight SquadronStarlight Squadron is a group of Resistance pilots featured in Star Wars comics.
Task Force 99Task Force 99 is a specialized, elite unit of clone troopers in Star Wars.
Titan SquadronTitan Squadron is an elite Imperial starfighter unit featured in Star Wars: Squadrons video game.
Vanguard SquadronVanguard Squadron is a fictional starfighter unit featured in Star Wars video game "Star Wars: Squadrons."