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The New Republic Defense Fleet, also known as the New Republic Navy or New Republic Starfleet, was the military arm of the New Republic in the Star Wars universe. This fleet was formed from the Rebel Alliance Fleet after the fall of the Galactic Empire. The fleet served as the primary defender of the New Republic against various threats, particularly the First Order. It was comprised of various types of starships, vehicles, and ground forces, some inherited from the Alliance and others designed and manufactured specifically for the New Republic.

The fleet was seen as a beacon of hope and a defender of peace and justice in the galaxy. Its main aim was to protect the New Republic, promoting peace and diplomacy over military aggression. However, the New Republic, sensitive to the heavy-handed tactics of The Old Republic and the tyranny of the Empire, chose to downsize this powerful fleet in order to reassure planetary systems that it would not fall into authoritarianism.

While this Sentient Being Rights campaign championed peace and equality, it left large areas of the galaxy undefended. Without New Republic Defense Fleet protection, many systems, particularly those in the Outer Rim, were left vulnerable to various threats, most notably the First Order. The stark downsizing of the fleet was criticized by several individuals, including Princess Leia Organa.

The New Republic Defense Fleet assembled a wide variety of starship classes and vessels at its disposal, including the MC80 Star Cruiser, Nebulon-C frigates and the Starhawk-class Battleships which were built from Imperial Star Destroyers. It also boasted a formidable number of fighter squadrons of various types, notable among them were the T-85 X-wings.

The New Republic Defense Fleet was ultimately destroyed by the First Order in a violent display of power known as the 'Hosnian Cataclysm'. The First Order used Starkiller Base to target and destroy the Hosnian system, where the fleet was primarily headquartered. This lead to the destruction of the entire fleet, effectively leaving the New Republic defenseless.

the New Republic Defense Fleet played a crucial role in the Star Wars universe. It emerged from the ashes of the Rebellion, defended the New Republic, but ultimately fell to the brutal forces of the First Order. Despite its untimely defeat, the spirit of the fleet lived on as it inspired a new generation of Rebels, continuing the fight against the forces of tyranny and oppression.

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