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Starlight Squadron

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Starlight Squadron is a group of pilots that emerged in the Star Wars universe as part of the High Republic storyline. It was a critical part of the Republic Defense Coalition, which was the military force of the Galactic Republic during the High Republic Era. The squadron debuted in the Star Wars: The High Republic comic series published by Marvel Comics.

The squadron was made up of five subunits: Starlight One through Five, each with a different purpose and role. It is made up of a diverse mix of different species and is led by Captain Miara Larte. Other key members include Lieutenant Imani, an expert Gunner, Taeve, the Comms Leader, and Ven, the Navigator. Each of these characters has a rich backstory and contributes significantly to the team’s successes.

Starlight Squadron was renowned for its agility and speed, well-respected for their flexibility in navigating through tumultuous times, combat zones, and rescue missions. They were often tasked with protection missions, including protecting the Starlight Beacon, a colossal space station floating in the outer rim territories of the galaxy.

The Starlight Squadron's primary spacecraft of choice was the Vector starfighter, a fast and nimble craft powered by Kyber Crystals, those same precious stones used in the making of a Jedi's lightsaber. Vectors were specially designed to be flown by Jedi and had the ability to morph its wings into various configurations, depending on the mission's requirements and circumstances.

The Squadron's struggles and mission forms part of important plot elements of the High Republic comic series. Their stories are closely tied to the overarching narrative of the High Republic era, providing readers with critical insight into the frontlines of the Republic Defense Coalition and the wars they fought against the enemies of the Republic.

the Starlight Squadron is a distinctive and vibrant band of heroes in the Star Wars Universe. Their tales of valor, bravery and resourcefulness are significant contributors to the richness and complexity of the High Republic era narrative.

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