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Twilight Company


The Twilight Company is a prominent rebel infantry unit from the Star Wars universe, particularly showcased in the 2015 novel "Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company" by Alexander Freed. This unit is part of the larger Rebel Alliance, tasked with fighting against the Galactic Empire. The novel brings the war in the Star Wars universe to light with a focus on ground warfare and the individual soldiers. Twilight Company is known for taking on some of the most difficult operations, persisting even under harsh and desperate circumstances.

The novel follows the perspective of its protagonist, Hazram Namir, a soldier in the Twilight Company. The Twilight Company becomes a sort of home and family to him, providing structure, purpose, and comradery in his life. He battles, he loses friends, and he struggles with the harsh realities and moral complexities of war in his journey with the Twilight Company.

What sets Twilight Company apart from other units in the Rebel Alliance is its modus operandi. For instance, they are noted for recruiting from planets that they have liberated from the Empire, swelling their ranks with grateful citizens longing for revenge or freedom. They possess a notable camaraderie and commitment to help each other survive during missions, which plays a vital role in their sustainability as a unit under dire circumstances.

In terms of hierarchy, the unit is led by a senior officer, Captain Micha Evon, or "Howl". Evon is a veteran soldier who keeps the Twilight Company going through both his strategic expertise and his ability to inspire his troops. Under his command, the ragtag unit has gained a reputation for resilience and efficiency.

The Twilight Company plays a significant role in the Galactic Civil War, partaking in many combat operations and battles against the Empire. From the Battle of Hoth to other lesser-known skirmishes, they are a testament to the sacrifices and bravery of the regular infantry soldiers within the Star Wars universe. Their story is one of resilience, courage, and an unyielding fight against tyranny, embodying the spirit of the Rebel Alliance.

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