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Yrica Quell


Yrica Quell is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe, a former TIE Fighter pilot for the Galactic Empire who defects to the New Republic. She is a central character in Alexander Freed's Alphabet Squadron trilogy of novels, a part of the Star Wars expanded universe series. Raised on the planet Jelucan, she is recruited into the Imperial Navy after her accomplished amateur flying catches the attention of its scouts. Her skilled piloting, determination and quick thinking make her a valuable asset for the Empire.

At the Battle of Endor, she is a part of the 204th Imperial Fighter Wing, also known as Shadow Wing. Survivor of this significant battle, it marks a major turning point in Quell’s life. Her disillusionment with the Empire's tactics triggers a crisis of conscience and she eventually defects, leaving the Empire behind.

Quell's defection leads her to join the New Republic, the democratic government that rises from the ashes of the Empire. After joining, she is assigned to a special unit named Alphabet Squadron by General Hera Syndulla, tasked with hunting down the remaining elements of her former unit, the Shadow Wing. Quell takes on a leadership role within this diverse group of pilots, each one flying a different class of starfighter, hence the name Alphabet Squadron.

Throughout the Alphabet Squadron series, Quell grapples with her previous actions as an Imperial pilot and her deep-seated guilt. Her determination to make amends propels her through dangerous missions and tests her loyalties as she encounters figures from her past. These experiences form a bitter irony; she transitions from hunting down the Rebellion as an Imperial to hunting down her former Imperial comrades as a Rebel.

Yrica Quell is a complex and layered character who embodies the moral ambiguity and personal inner conflicts that the Star Wars expanded universe often explores. Her journey reflects the larger socio-political changes within the galaxy, marking her as a significant figure within Star Wars lore.

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