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Vi Moradi


Vi Moradi is a renowned character from the Star Wars universe and makes her most significant appearance in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park as well as in several novels. Authored by Delilah S. Dawson, Vi Moradi was introduced first in the novel "Phasma," and later carried on as a principal character in "Black Spire." Moradi is a human female spy from the Resistance, working directly under General Leia Organa.

Moradi is best recognized for her intelligence, bravery, and unwavering loyalty to the cause of the resistance. In the pursuit of information about the dangerous Captain Phasma, Vi allowed herself to be captured by the First Order. As a prisoner, she used her wit and fortitude to survive and relay essential information to the Resistance.

She is most noted for her integral role in establishing the Resistance’s presence on Batuu, which is the main theme for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. In "Black Spire," Vi Moradi is sent to Batuu to set up a new base for the Resistance following their devastating loss at D'Qar. Facing numerous challenges including betrayal, lack of resources, and her own traumas, Vi manages to pull together a team and succeed in her mission.

Visually, Moradi is depicted as a dark-haired woman usually dressed in the uniform of the Resistance. Her character is brought to life at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park by costumed staff. Her Avatar in the park has a scar over the eye, something Vi got in the events of "Black Spire."

Vi Moradi embodies the persistent spirit and resolute mission of the Resistance. Through her intelligence and bravery, her character continues to inspire both readers of the Star Wars novels and visitors at the theme park.

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