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The Trianii are a bipedal feline species from the Star Wars universe, specifically from the planet Trian. They are presented as agile and powerful, with a natural athleticism that is only amplified by their territorial instincts. The Trianii are well-known for their unique society and culture which revolves around tribal communities. Physically, the Trianii are a mix of human and feline characteristics - they have retractable claws, furred bodies, and cat-like facial features.

Beyond their physical appearances, the Trianii have a fascinating political history. They have had fierce battles with the Corporate Sector Authority over the autonomy and rights to their home planet. This conflict escalated to the point where it led to the Trianii-Corporate Sector Authority War, a key event in their history. Despite these hurdles, the Trianii have held firm to their values of bravery, honor, and independence, making them a memorable and compelling species within the larger Star Wars lore.

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