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The Trandoshans, also known as T'doshok, are a reptilian humanoid species from Star Wars universe with origins from the planet Trandosha, also known as Dosha or Hsskhor. Trandoshans are known for their distinctive scale-covered skin which can range in color from sandy brown to glossy green. Standing typically over two meters tall, Trandoshans possess superhuman strength, regenerative capabilities, and long, muscular tails. Their eyesight is exceptional, including infrared vision which makes them excellent hunters.

Trandoshan culture is centered around hunting and they gained a reputation for being notorious slavers and bounty hunters. They are especially known for hunting the Wookiees, their neighboring species from the nearby planet Kashyyyk, and the two species share a deep-seated hostility. The Trandoshans' hunting cult, often characterized as crude and primitive, is dedicated to the Scorekeeper, their goddess who allegedly awards 'Jagganath points' to Trandoshans based on their success in hunts.

The Trandoshan society is a cast-based society with each individual having a specific function. These roles range from technicians and laborers to the much glorified hunters and warriors. The hunters often engage in the ‘Big Game’, a pursuit for dangerous beasts and sentient beings which, apart from spiritual satisfaction, also brings social prestige.

Their regenerative capabilities set Trandoshans apart from many species in the Star Wars universe. They can regenerate lost limbs, a process that accelerates during their youth. The regeneration slows down as they age, with older Trandoshans unable to regrow lost body parts.

Trandoshans have contributed many notable characters to the Star Wars story, perhaps the most notable of them being Bossk, a bounty hunter who attempted to hunt down Han Solo and Chewbacca in "The Empire Strikes Back". Bossk was also a part of the team assembled by the bounty hunter Dengar to rescue Boba Fett from the Sarlacc Pit.

To sum up, Trandoshans are a fascinating species characterized by their unique biology, strong hunting tradition and ferocious rivalry with the Wookiees. Through their culture and character, they add depth and diversity to the Star Wars universe.

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