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The Tiss'shar are a reptilian species that come from the planet, Tiss'sharl. Characterized by their smooth, scaly skin varying from black to olive-green, they are renowned for their quick movements and highly developed predatory instincts. These sentient beings have incredibly flexible bodies coupled with long tails that assist in their balance. Many Tiss’shar are skilled diplomats, administrators, or assassins, demonstrating their intellectual prowess and aptitude.

The Tiss'shar social structure is a corporate-based system controlled by seven guilds, each of which deals with a different aspect of society, including administration, defense, and food production. This setup greatly impacts the Tiss'shar economy, which revolves around these corporations. Historically, they were governed by a president, who had dictatorial powers. The Tiss'shar are known to place great emphasis on the work that they do, with their society and culture often showcasing a competitive edge.

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