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The Askajians are a humanoid species originating from the planet Askaj in the Star Wars universe. Although they appear in several expanded universe sources, they are best known from their portrayal in the Return of the Jedi, in particular an Askajian dancer known as Yarna d'al' Gargan, employed by Jabba the Hutt in his palace.

Physically, Askajians are notable for their bulky appearance, typically having a large amount of weight. This is primarily due to their body's water storage capabilities which is a necessary adaptation to the arid, desert world they originate from. A unique characteristic among them is that the females are much larger and stronger than the males of their species. This is believed to be an evolutionary response to their matriarchal society in which female Askajians hold most positions of power.

Askajians have a deep cultural appreciation for music and dance. As such, Askajians, especially females, are often sought across the galaxy as entertainers. Unfortunately, this has also led many to be caught in the web of the galactic underworld as dancers or other kinds of entertainers for less savory characters, such as the notorious Jabba the Hutt.

As a society, the Askajians give a lot of emphasis on their lineage, with families organized into matrilineal clans, headed by the eldest female. Their family structure revolves around the females, with males generally serving secondary roles. Decision-making, leadership, and inheritance follow the female line in their society. This matriarchal structure also extends to the wider society and politics on their homeworld.

The Askajians are interesting for the fact that they possess six breasts, which is another feature evolved in response to the harsh conditions of their home planet. They are capable of nutritionally dense lactation to feed their children during times of scarcity. Due to these unique characteristics and their rich cultural history, the Askajians hold a distinct place in the Star Wars lore, exemplifying the storied franchise's expansive universe.

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