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T'landa Til


The T'landa Til are a species in the Star Wars universe that come from the planet of Ylesia. Catalogued in the books written by Ann C. Crispin, these creatures are noted for their height which matches the height of a Hutt, one of the most notorious species in the Star Wars galaxy. Aside from their height, these bipedal creatures resemble humans, but sport a pair of twin trunks instead of a nose. They employ these trunks in a special physiological mechanism to produce a highly-addictive form of telepathy, which they use to captivate other species.

In its historical context, the T'landa Til have been closely associated to the Hutts, serving as priests in the religious scam operating on Ylesia. The Hutts and T'landa Til jointly ran spice processing factories disguised as religious retreats, attracting pilgrims who were unknowingly addicted to the telepathic 'high' produced by the T'landa Til. Their addiction would in turn enslave them to the factories. However, following the rebellion incited by Han Solo and Bria Tharen which led to Ylesia's downfall, the role of the T'landa Til within the Star Wars universe is less tangible.

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