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The Sikan is a sentient species featured in the Star Wars universe. They are humanoid beings characterized by their blue skin and tall, slim figure. They have a unique form of communication; in addition to conventional speech, Si'kan communicate emotional context and additional information through a gentle tap code using their four long, flexible fingers. This form of communication can be conducted on their own bodies or directly onto another being. The Sikan was first introduced in “Star Wars: Heir to the Empire,” a part of the Thrawn Trilogy written by Timothy Zahn.

Their home is an unknown planet located in Outer Rim Territories. In their society, a Sikan's tap trail—patterns made by the sequence and position of their tap code—provides others with insights into their personality and rank. Nevertheless, despite their unique capability to communicate using tap code, not much prominent information is shared about the Sikan's culture, society, and history in the Star Wars official narrative. Therefore, they remain one of the lesser-known and unspecific sentient species within the Star Wars expanded universe.

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