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The Shistavanen, also known as Wolfmen or Uvena's sons, are a species from the Star Wars universe native to the planet Uvena III. These humanoid canines are known for their lupine characteristics, boasting features such as broad snouts, pointed ears, and covered in thick fur. As natural predators, they possess sharp claws and teeth, enhanced senses and speed—traits that make them excellent hunters and trackers. They have been depicted in various Star Wars media, most notably in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, where a Shistavanen named Lak Sivrak made an appearance.

Due to their predatory nature and frightening appearance, Shistavanen are often misrepresented as hostile and aggressive people. However, their personality traits vary widely among individuals. While some lead lives as mercenaries, bounty hunters, or bodyguards, others lean towards peaceful professions like trading or farming. Throughout the galaxy, their exceptional tracking skills are well recognized and sought after. Despite their natural sociability and loyalty, Shistavanen have a reputation for being loners due to their semi-nomadic culture.

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