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Shawda Ubb


Shawda Ubb is a fictional species from the Star Wars universe. Residing on the arboreal planet of Manpha, these species are amphibious with distinctive features. They are characterized by their short stature, webbed hands, large eyes, and the ability to fold their bodies into a shell-like shape. Shawda Ubb are known for their amphibious adaptation, which allows them to live comfortably both on land and in water.

One of the most famous Shawda Ubb in the Star Wars Universe is Rappertunie, a member of the band - the Max Rebo band - seen performing in Jabba the Hutt's palace in "Return of the Jedi". Despite their limited cinematic appearance, the Shawda Ubb left a lasting impression on Star Wars fans with their unique character design and contribution to the diverse alien species in the Star Wars Universe.

The Shawda Ubb are a peaceful species, preferring to live in harmony with nature, rather than involving themselves in intergalactic conflicts. They are not very technologically advanced but adept in aquatic survival skills, primitive weaponry crafting and basic housing construction.

The Shawda Ubb species is a part of the rich tapestry that makes up the Star Wars Universe. Like many other minor species, they contribute to the depth and diversity of the Star Wars galaxy and its characters. Their amphibious nature, distinctive physical features, and association with a memorable side character like Rappertunie continue to grant the Shawda Ubb a place in the memories of Star Wars fans.

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