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The Ruurian are a little-known race in the immensely vast universe of the Star Wars saga. These unique extraterrestrial beings hail from the planet Ruuria, located in the Brema sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim territories. Physically, the Ruurians are noted for their intricate and beautiful, albeit non-humanoid form. They bear a centauroid exoskeletal physique with an iridescent coloration that changes hue in accordance with their mood, such as turning red during anger or blue during sadness.

In terms of lifespan, Ruurians have a profoundly different method of living compared to other species in the Star Wars universe, as they are essentially immortal. Instead of dying, they go through a process called "rebirth," where they return to a larval state after a period of roughly 500 years. Intellectually, Ruurians are known for their acute scientific minds, many of them being renowned geneticists. Though not as widely recognized as other races in the Star Wars lore, the Ruurians and their unique biology certainly add more fascinating layers to the galaxy’s myriad of life forms.

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