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The Selonians are a humanoid species from the Star Wars universe, first introduced in the Star Wars Legends series, particularly notable within the Corellian Trilogy. They are native to the planet of Selonia, part of the Corellian system. As semi-aquatic beings, they possess otter-like characteristics, with tapered bodies, sleek fur, and a slender tail. Their bodies are designed for swimming, helping them navigate quickly in water environments. Selonians live in a highly structured, gender-segregated society run by Selonian queens.

What's fascinating about the Selonians is their expertise in building tunnels and burrows, both on their home planet and off-world. They have extensive subterranean dens, which is a key aspect of their culture and lifestyle. Though primarily non-violent and peaceful, Selonians are capable of defending themselves using their strong teeth and claws, if the situation demands. Moreover, they are recognized for their technological contributions to shipbuilding, specifically with Concord Starships. Pace, unity, and synergy are the driving forces for Selonians, reflecting in all elements of their social and economic endeavors.

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