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Reath Silass


Reath Silas is a character from the Star Wars universe, specifically from the High Republic sub-series. He is a curious and thoughtful Jedi Padawan who looks for answers in old books, and is under the tutelage of Jedi Master Jora Malli. Reath is also known to be more comfortable in the archives than on the outer rim's frontier.

He is a central character in "Star Wars: The High Republic: Into the Dark" – a novel by Claudia Gray. In the novel, Reath is ordered by his Master, Jora Malli who is assigned to Starlight Beacon, to leave the cosmopolitan galaxy at the heart of Coruscant. However, he dislikes the idea of frontier life.

In terms of appearance, Reath is described as a young human with brown hair. He is also portrayed as someone who prefers mental challenges rather than physical combat. Despite his affinity for peaceful studying, Reath does not shy from facing danger when the occasion calls for it.

As the novel progresses, Reath gains a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Jedi. He learns to strike a balance between his love for studying and recognizing the importance of tangible experiences. He shows commendable bravery when confronting the mysterious dark side force within a space station nestled in the dark nebula.

Reath Silas represents the intellectual and introspective side of the Jedi. He personifies the path of a true Jedi Knight, as he learns to understand that knowledge and action must go hand-in-hand in preserving peace and justice across the Star Wars galaxy.

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