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OOM-9 is a character from the Star Wars universe, specifically a B1 battle droid who serves within the Trade Federation’s droid army. He is introduced in "Star Wars: Episode IThe Phantom Menace" and is notable for his role as a commanding officer during the invasion of Naboo. As with all B1 battle droids, OOM-9 is manufactured by Baktoid Combat Automata and is programmed to follow orders reliably, making him an effective, albeit somewhat expendable, tool in the Trade Federation's military endeavors.

In "The Phantom Menace," OOM-9 is depicted overseeing the ground invasion operations on Naboo. His skills as a tactician are demonstrated during the capture of the Naboo capital, Theed, and his strategic deployment of the droid forces against the Gungan defense forces in the Battle of Naboo. Despite being bound by his programming and limited creativity, OOM-9 is effective in carrying out the commands of his superiors, such as Viceroy Nute Gunray. His strict adherence to orders and efficiency exemplify the strengths and weaknesses of the Trade Federation's reliance on droid armies.

OOM-9's story is expanded upon in various Star Wars expanded universe materials, including novelizations, comic books, and video games. These sources provide additional insights into his operational directives, combat strategies, and the broader context of the Trade Federation’s military machinery. They reveal the intricacies of his command style and how he fits into the larger hierarchy of the Trade Federation's military structure.

OOM-9 is a character that highlights the utilitarian approach of the Trade Federation in its quest for control and power. His actions in the Star Wars saga serve to underscore the cinematic themes of technological reliance and the dehumanizing effects of mechanized warfare. Despite his relatively brief appearance in the film series, OOM-9's impact on the storyline of "The Phantom Menace" is substantial, serving as a key figure in the early stages of the galactic conflict that defines the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

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