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New Orthodox India Pale Ale series

The New Orthodox India Pale Ale series is a collection of modern and innovative IPAs crafted by Old Nation Brewing Company, based in Williamston, Michigan. Known for their bold flavors and unfiltered approach, these IPAs showcase the art of balancing fruity, juicy, and hazy characteristics with traditional hop bitterness. Notable beers in the series include M-43, Boss Tweed, and Cart Horse, which are particularly famous for their New England style IPA profiles.

The series emphasizes the use of carefully selected hop varieties, such as Citra, Galaxy, and Simcoe, which contribute to its signature fruit-forward, aromatic, and hazy qualities. Apart from using high-quality ingredients, the brewing process of New Orthodox IPA also involves innovative techniques like dry hopping, allowing the beer to acquire a rich and complex flavor profile. These beers have garnered recognition and appreciation from craft beer enthusiasts for their unique and refreshing take on the popular IPA style.

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