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Simcoe is a versatile and widely popular American hop variety that was developed by Yakima Chief Ranches in 2000 and released for cultivation in 2002. Known for its dual-purpose profile and unique aromatic qualities, Simcoe is favored among craft brewers for its ability to contribute both bittering and aroma properties to beer. This hop boasts a high alpha acid content, ranging from 12-14%, as well as a complex array of essential oils, which provide an impressive array of flavor profiles.

The aroma and flavor characteristics of Simcoe can be described as a well-balanced mix of citrus, pine, and earthy notes, with some fruity undertones often resembling passionfruit, apricot, or berries. Its distinct but smooth bitterness has made it a staple in American Pale Ales, India Pale Ales, and other hop-forward beer styles. Due to its popularity and widespread use in the craft brewing industry, Simcoe continues to be a go-to hop variety for brewers looking to create bold and full-flavored beer experiences.

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