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Old Nation Brewing

Old Nation Brewing, based in Williamston, Michigan, has garnered widespread acclaim within the craft beer Community for its innovative and high-quality brews. Established in 2015 by Travis Fritts and a group of partners, the brewery initially focused on creating a diverse range of beer styles but soon found immense success with their New England IPA, M-43. This hazy, juicy IPA quickly became a flagship offering, known for its vibrant hop profile and balanced malt character, putting Old Nation on the map as a leader in the NEIPA subgenre.

Beyond M-43, Old Nation Brewing offers a variety of other brews that showcase their commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The brewery's approach emphasizes traditional brewing techniques combined with modern innovations, ensuring a unique and flavorful experience in every glass. With a solid distribution network, Old Nation's beers are enjoyed by enthusiasts across the U.S., making it a standout player in the ever-growing craft beer industry.

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