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The Nautolan, also known as the Nautiloid, is a species in the Star Wars universe hailing from the watery planet of Glee Anselm. They were first introduced in the prequel trilogy, specifically in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, with Jedi Master Kit Fisto being the most notable character of this species. Nautolans are amphibious and well adapted to both land and water environments. They're socially a very Community-oriented species and known for their strong swimming abilities.

Nautolans are humanoid in appearance, characterized by their large, dome-like heads, tentacle-like appendages that fall from the back of their head, and skin colors that typically range from green to blue. Each individual possesses fourteen tentacles and those tentacles enable them to detect the pheromones of the creatures around them, aiding them in understanding emotional states. Their eyes are black or very dark, adjusted to the low-light conditions of underwater environments. Due to their amphibian nature, they speak both the Galactic Basic and their native tongue, Nautila.

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