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Merrin is a fictional character from Star Wars, first appearing in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. She is a Nightsister, a witch from the planet of Dathomir who tapped into the magic of her homeworld to perform various feats and spells. She is the last of her kind, her clan having been killed by General Grievous and his Droid Army during The Clone Wars.

She initially encountered the game's protagonist, Cal Kestis, with suspicion and hostility, resorting to raising the dead to attack him. However, over time, after being saved by Cal and his companion BD-1 in her fight against another Nightsister, and witnessing their quest to rebuild the Jedi Order, she began to trust them, eventually joining their cause.

Merrin's character is marked by the loss and isolation she feels being the last survivor of her people. Her magic abilities, however, make her a formidable ally. Through her abilities, she can reanimate corpses, cloak herself and others in invisibility, and manipulate the environment. She can also self-teleport, making her incredibly elusive and swift.

Despite her original distrust and hostility towards Jedi, due to her people's history with them, she ultimately ends up assisting Cal on his mission, realizing that the Sith were the real enemy. In the game, she plays a crucial role during the final battle against the Imperial Inquisitor Trilla Suduri, saving Cal at a critical moment.

After the mission, Merrin chooses to stay aboard the Stinger Mantis, the ship that Cal and his group use, stating that she had nowhere else to go. With the wisdom she gleaned from her late sisters, Merrin serves as a new bridge between the Nightsister traditions and the Jedi Order, contributing her unique abilities towards their shared cause.

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