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The Massassi were a primitive sub-species of the Sith race, native to the moon Yavin 4. Originating from the Sith purebloods who were exiled to Yavin 4 by the ex-Jedi Dark Lord of the Sith, Naga Sadow, the Massassi got their name from the Sith language word for "warrior." Sadow used Sith Alchemy to mould these sith into subservient, monstrous warriors. The Massassi did not possess any awareness of their heritage and were zealous followers of Sadow, who they considered their god-king. They constructed several temples at Sadow's command, including the Great Temple, which later became a Rebel Alliance's base.

After Naga Sadow's presumed death, the Massassi fell into a primitive state and began reverting to their Sith pureblood roots. They continued with their traditions, such as sacrificing their Force-sensitive children to a Sith Wyrm, which was an unidentified species of creature they believed was a deity. The Massassi tribe almost became extinct when Exar Kun, after discovering Yavin 4 and the Sith teachings contained within its temples, slaughtered them to feed his Sith alchemy experiments. In the following millennia, their history slowly faded into oblivion.

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