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The Lurmen were a species of sentient, bipedal beings native to the planet Mygeeto, particularly known in the Star Wars universe for their pacifist culture and beliefs. Not to be confused with the Mustafarians, who shared their planet, the diminutive Lurmen were covered in light brown fur and had features resembling lemurs or meerkats. Modest and averse to conflict, they eluded involvement in any disputes or wars in the galaxy.

Outwardly, the Lurmen had a distinct look marked by long prehensile limbs and tails which they utilized for mobility. They used these physical attributes effectively to swing between trees in their natural arboreal habitat. Additionally, their appearance was characterized by their large, expressive eyes which were perfect for nocturnal viewing - a part of their lemur-like signature look.

The Lurmens' pacifist stance was more than just an ideology. In fact, it was an integral part of their everyday lifestyle. They believed in making a living in compatibility with nature, thus choosing arboreal dwellings and predominantly engaging in agrarian activities. They rejected violence to such an extent that they would rather flee or accept subjugation than resort to retaliation.

However, not all Lurmen communities shared these strict pacifist standards. The Lurmen settlers led by Tee Watt Kaa on Maridun held inflexible pacifist beliefs, while those on Mygeeto seemed open to self-defense. This fricative dynamic between different factions within the Lurmen society was notably depicted in The Clone Wars animated series.

The Lurmen were a truly rich and fascinating species in the Star Wars universe, representing a striking contrast to the prevalent violent conflicts and power struggles of the galaxy. Their resilience and adherence to their pacifist principles despite adversities underscored the diversity and complex socio-political fabric of Star Wars lore, expanding the universe beyond its characteristic space operatics.

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