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Lene Kostana


Lene Kostana is a character within the Star Wars universe, making her presence known primarily through the literature associated with the franchise. Specifically, she appears in "Dooku: Jedi Lost," an audio drama written by Cavan Scott, which delves into the backstory of Count Dooku prior to his fall to the dark side. Kostana is a Jedi Master who is focused on understanding and preparing for the threats posed by the dark side of The Force. Her fascination with Sith artifacts and dark lore sets her apart from many other Jedi who tend to shun knowledge of the dark side.

Mentor to Sifo-Dyas, another Jedi Knight who is crucial in the events leading up to The Clone Wars, Kostana's teachings and ideas significantly influence Sifo-Dyas's prophecies and actions. Unlike the more orthodox Jedi Masters who adhere strictly to the Jedi Code, Kostana advocates for a broader understanding of the Force, including the dark side, to be better prepared for its challenges. This approach often puts her at odds with the more conservative elements within the Jedi Order.

Kostana's deep interest in Sith relics leads her on various missions to uncover and secure these dangerous artifacts, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands. She works diligently to ensure these objects do not corrupt or seduce others within the galaxy, as their power can be quite insidious. Through these efforts, she gathers a considerable amount of knowledge about the Sith and dark side practices, making her an invaluable yet somewhat controversial figure within the Jedi Order.

The relationship between Lene Kostana and her pupil Sifo-Dyas is particularly notable because Sifo-Dyas’s foresight and visions play a pivotal role in the creation of the clone army, an event that is critical in the storyline of the prequel trilogy. Kostana’s influence on Sifo-Dyas likely contributes to his sense of urgency and paranoia regarding future threats, which in turn shapes his decisions and actions. This mentorship underscores the importance of unconventional approaches to the Force and their impact on broader galactic events.

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