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Jessika Pava


Jessika Pava, often referred to as "Jess," is a character in the Star Wars universe who first appeared in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," released in 2015. She is a human female pilot and member of the Resistance, known by her callsign, Blue Three. Jess is portrayed by actress Jessica Henwick, and her character is primarily recognized for her piloting skills and dedication to the Resistance cause. In "The Force Awakens," she participates in the assault on Starkiller Base, demonstrating her bravery and commitment to combating the threats posed by the First Order.

Besides her appearance in the films, Jessika Pava's story is expanded in various Star Wars literature, such as comics and novels. In these extended media, she is depicted as a highly skilled pilot who grew up idolizing the Rebel Alliance and yearned to fight for freedom and justice. Her character development includes forming strong bonds with fellow pilots and continuously honing her combat and flying abilities. Jessika Pava embodies the spirit of the Resistance, characterized by resilience, loyalty, and unwavering determination in the fight against tyranny.

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