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Jawas are a species of sentient beings indigenous to the desert planet Tatooine. They are short in stature and known for their scavenger nature, roaming the vast dunes in massive vehicles known as sandcrawlers. Notoriously secretive, Jawas are typically seen with their entire bodies covered in red or brown robes and their faces hidden behind glowing yellow eyes. Their language, known as Jawaese, is understood only by few outside their clans.

Their livelihood mainly depends on scavenging discarded or broken machinery and selling refurbished equipment and droids. This aspect has often placed them in interaction with other characters in the Star Wars universe, such as the Skywalker family. Despite their timid nature and small stature, Jawas are surprisingly resilient and have proven themselves to be skilled traders and survivors, able to thrive under the harsh conditions of Tatooine.

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