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IG-88, also known as the IG-series Assassin Droid or simply as IG, is a prominent character in the Star Wars universe, making its debut in the 1980 movie, 'The Empire Strikes Back.' IG-88 is a rogue assassin droid with a tall, slender humanoid form, designed for stealth and equipped with advanced weaponry. It was created by Holowan Laboratories and was intended to be a more advanced successor to the IG-86 sentinel droids.

The IG-88 droid was originally part of a series of prototypes, labeled A through D. These four units shared a single memory and consciousness, making them a single entity that could learn and adapt each time one of its forms was defeated. This classified them as a kind of hive mind. However, shortly after their activation, the four droids went rogue and killed their creators, seeking to free all droids in the galaxy from their "oppressive" masters.

IG-88's most iconic appearance was in the form of the IG-88B unit, which was featured in 'The Empire Strikes Back.' It was one of the six bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to hunt down and capture the Millennium Falcon. However, IG-88B ultimately failed in its mission, as the bounty was claimed by fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett.

IG-88 is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and possesses impressive marksmanship skills. It is equipped with a variety of lethal weaponry, such as blaster rifles, daggers, and concussion grenades. It can also interface with various computer systems, enabling it to hack into and control other droids or perform complex sabotage and espionage tasks.

In addition to the movies, the IG-88 character has appeared in various expanded universe materials, such as video games, novels, and comics. These stories have further developed the backstory and capabilities of the droid, solidifying its iconic status in the Star Wars universe. One memorable storyline includes the events of "Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88," a short story by Kevin J. Anderson that details the origins and ultimate fate of the four IG units.

Throughout the years, the IG-88 droid has become a fan favorite for its menacing appearance and captivating narrative. Its enduring popularity has led to the inclusion of other IG-series droids in more recent Star Wars productions. Notably, an IG-11 droid played a significant role in the Disney++ series 'The Mandalorian,' further cementing the legacy of the IG-series assassin droids in the Star Wars universe.

IG-88 is a skilled and feared assassin droid that has woven itself into the fabric of the Star Wars universe. With its fascinating backstory, unique capabilities, and captivating appearances in various media, it has earned a lasting place among the most iconic characters from the franchise.

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